Commemorating forty years of career in the puppet theatre, Carles Cañellas proposes a work for young people and adults, which combines the purity of string-puppet, with the most accurate manipulation and an exploration of the enormous dramatic capabilities of the marionette, which moves under various contemporary choreographies, with electronic music, and video art projections, custom made.

The artistic team is composed basically by the two stable members of the company that are responsible for much of the play, but also the Italian video artist Giacomo Verde, the light technician Quico Gutiérrez and a 20 years old musician under the InnoDB moniker.

Identitats (Identities) wants to show to an audience usually away from the puppet, a field that, not for unfamiliar, is less interesting, and that projecting to the future, it is rooted in the theories of the theatrical experimenters from the early twentieth century.