Programme: School of the Senses 2016

//Programme: School of the Senses 2016

Programme: School of the Senses 2016

Teatro de los Sentidos presents its programme for 2016 of Escuela de los Sentidos about ‘The nature of silence’. The Second Conference of Educational Innovation which took place last 27th of February was the trigger of the  current monographics.

At the moment, there are four scheduled monographics, by director Enrique Vargas and the artists-researchers of the company: ‘Word and Silence’ and ‘The outfit and the mask as objects of silence’, which will be teached shortly; ‘Sonorous Art and Silence’ and ‘Poetics of Silence’ that will take place in autumn.

Currently registrations are now open for the first course ‘Word and Silence’ programmed from 7th to 9th of April. Language will be theoretically anf practically analyzed as well as how can we overcome the definition we usually do of it. All this around silence as a way of listening.

These monographics are aimed to artists, actors, storytelling, school teachers, educators and those interested in deppen into the topics.

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