La Fura dels Baus will premiere on May 23rd the opera Oedipe at the Royal Opera House in London. After being premiered at La Monnaie in Brussels (2011) and the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (2012), the opera will be performed for the first time in Britain. With the concept of the show and artistic direction by the furan Àlex Ollé, Oedipe is a revision of the classical myth of Oedipus based on the work of composer George Enescu.

Ollé’s proposal has two main themes: ‘clay’ to illustrate the destination, and ‘time’. The two elements that are staging this are: the mud that permeates everything-all the characters are covered with mud, all the elements that go out, space itself; and the idea of mythical time and historical time.

Thus, the metaphors follow the main character who travels through time to this day, starting at a consultation with the psychoanalyst Freud -to talk about the Oedipus complex- until World War II. He does this through a journey that is not chronological in time, but serves to illustrate the validity of the myth in various historical moments.

The Furan version of Oedipe at the Royal Opera House will feature performances byJohan Reunter, John Tomlinson, Sarah Connolly and Sophie Bevan, among its cast.