During this month of July, the actors and actresses who make Scaramouche, the new Dagoll Dagom’s production begins their fencing training.

In this new show of adventures, love and revolution one of the most spectaculars issues will be the fencing battles. For training the actors in this art, they will count with the collaboration of Jesús Esperanza a professional with a long career in Spain, awarded several times, member of the Olympic team and responsible for training the cast in famous theater and films creations.

Taking this extraordinary occasion, Dagoll Dagom in collaboration with Barcelona’s town hall and the Catalan Fencing Association offers a scenic fencing master class free for everyone a unique opportunity to learn a few concepts about this elegant and intense discipline.

Come on! You could become a swordsman!

Sign up on: fce@esgrima.cat

Date: Tuesday, July 5 4:30 pm

Location: Federació Catalana d’Esgrima


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