The theatre company Dagoll Dagom started rehearsals of their new musical Scaramouche, with music Albert Guinovart; song lyrics by Joan Lluís Bozzo, David Pintó and Joan Vives; and libretto and direction by Joan Lluís Bozzo. The opening will be on September in ‘Teatre Victòria’ of Barcelona.  In the team we also can find Joan Vives (music director), Francesc Abós (choreographer), Alfons Flores (stage designer), Montse Amenós (costume designer), Eva Fernandez (makeup designer), Albert Faura (lighting designer), Roc Mateu (sound designer), Jesús Esperanza (weapon master) and Kike Inchausti (scenic fight).

And the cast: Toni Viñals, Ana San Martín, Ivan Labanda, Mireia Mambo, Jordi Coromina, Clara Moraleda, Albert Mora, Frank Capdet, Anna Alborch i Pep Ferrer as a main characters acting with Pitu Manubens, Eduard Mauri, Jan Forrellat, Lucía Torres, Cristina Murillo, Mireia Dolç i Neus Pàmies.

Beyond the famous faces, Scaramouche team is completed with musicians, technicians, responsible for the production and communication who will make possible this big show.