David Moreno & Cia. will present the opening show to Fair Xàtiva 2016, on August 14, at 23:00 pm in the football field Murta.

The show called Xàtiva en essència (Essence of Xàtiva) is a musical, visual and poetic proposal designed second to second, inspired by the spirit of Xàtiva and framed in the project called Essence: multidisciplinary shows tailored and with the quality seal David Moreno & Cia. The work has a grand piano hung to 8 meters in vertical position, flanked by four towers 5 meters high where 5 video creations also can be seen at the top of the piano project, with an original soundtrack, with a living and changing scenery, with a poetic text with a design of lights that dance to music, with careful special effects, with 46 people on stage and with elements of popular culture.