The awarded show Hotot by Marcel Tomàs & Cascai Teatre has been seen last 10th September in Parlavà (Girona, Spain) at 22:00 hours, in La Pista. The next 18th September will be present in Bordils (Girona, Spain), at 19:00 hours, in the Casal Theater. Hotot is a solo starred for Marcel Tomàs and a crazy rabbit.

You can see La Banda del Teflón, the latest crazy comedy of Marcel Tomàs & Cascai Theatre,  this September, 23th, at 22:00 hours, in Sala Nova theatre in Sant Jordi Desvalls (Girona, Spain). La Banda del Teflón, a screwball comedy offers touches of surrealist humour fused with physical theatre, video, music and mad ideas. Everyday anti-heroes, modern clowns without red noses, who can still make us laugh with the crazy comedy routines we know and love.