On 27 August 2016, the company Rocamora Teatre premiered the new show Identitats (Identities), in the Auditori Cal Sitjes of Artés (Barcelona). The audience was pleasantly surprised by the originality and uniqueness of the scenic proposal, where a marionette naked, faceless, born and dies on the stage. During its ephemeral existence adopt different larval masks, each of which mark the way to be and do, thus assuming the identities that are prefigured by these. The purest essence of the marionette entered the audience into an exciting and surprising dramatic search for its existence, which evolved under various contemporary choreographies, with electronic music, light environments and video backgrounds.

Identitats (Identities) is a medium-format show, indoor, without words, for the young and adults, played by one actor and one marionette of twenty-seven strings with six masks.