Sol Picó will be on February 4, at the Cultural Center of the Sortidor (Barcelona, Spain), at 19:00 h, presenting its Danced Conference, where the dancer will discover us her path of personal and professional life, and show us her process of inspiration and creation: a unique opportunity to bring us closer to discovering the culture of effort, which will encourage us to not give up dreams, and awareness in this art, the contemporary dance.

From 20 to 24, Sol Picó will be giving a workshop of technique and scenic language, at the National Academy of Dance in Rome (Italy).

The company will continue flying with One Hit Wonders, with new appointments to enjoy this flight directly to failure and to full happiness. The 18 will be in Juneda, at 21 h, in the Teatro Foment (Lleida, Spain); and 25 and 26, will be in Alicante (Valencia), in the Teatro Arniches.