Rocamora Teatre presents Identitats on October 5th, at the Fantivalul International de Teatru Pentru Publicul Tanar in Iasi (Romania). Then, on October 12th, the show will be at the XXI Festival Arlecchino Errante of Pordenone (Italy), which will take place in the church of the ex-convent of San Francesco. In this same Festival, from 13th to 16th, Carles Cañellas will impart the masterclass ‘Master Marionette’. Finally, on October 26th, at the Internationale Puppentheatertage of Mistelbach (Austria), the company represents Soloist at the Alfred Sramek-Saal, in four sessions of 30 minutes: at 11 h, 11:30 h, 14 h and 15:45 h.