The Furan version of El Amor Brujo, directed by Carlus Padrissa will be presented in Brasil. The work of Manuel de Falla and Gregorio Martínez Sierra, who signed the script -although it is most likely written by his wife, Maria Lejárraga– will be in the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo from July 27th to 31th. The opera will feature Esperanza Fernández as the solo singer, Manuel Coves as the musical director and the guitarist Miguel Ángel Cortés.

The director Carlus Padrissa states that ‘El Amor Brujo is the most universal, bright and captivating work of Manuel de Falla. It fuses Andalusian folklore, -the gypsy and flamenco- with classical music.

The music burns strongly, melts the outlines and breaks stereotypes. La Fura dels Baus wants to break the molds just as the creators did. It will be a magic show which will involve water and fire with a full load of hypnotic visuals, prowess of physical strength, body movements, the evocative power of odors and a final overflow of light on stage, just as love, can overcome any limit.