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Ciatre is an association of professional Catalan theatre companies that was set up in 1996 to strengthen and preserve an independent, private style of creating, managing and bringing theatre shows to a wider audience.
The member companies, some of which have been around for over forty years and have played before audiences numbered in millions around the world, create, produce and distribute their own shows.

The project CIATRE, Catalan Theatre Worldwide , was set up to fulfil one of the association’s main aims: to make the voice of Catalan theatre heard throughout the world, using creative strength and the power of imagination.
Ciatre aims to establish a flow of theatrical creativity and production exchanges, purchases and sales between Catalan companies and the rest of the world.

The products on offer are: creativity; theatrical adaptation and scriptwriting; theatre show production; audiovisual productions (theatrical creativity for television and cinema); management of leisure/cultural events; scenography; international promotion of Catalan actors; introducing foreign actors into Catalonia and new technologies applied to the theatre.

In this link, you can see the video of the companies that make up the entity.

Ciatre, Association of professional Catalan Theatre Companies

President: Susana Lloret
Contact: Maribel Tomás
Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 20, 1r 2a
08007 – Barcelona
Phone. 933 011 725 – Fax 933 180 806

International Project “Catalan Theatre Worldwide”

Contact: Maribel Tomás
Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 20, 1r 2a
08007 – Barcelona
Phone. 933 011 725 – Fax 933 18