To begin with the tour, Sol Picó company will be 5th & 6th May at the International Tanztage Oldenburg Festival, Oldenburg (Germany), at the Exerzierhalle  at 20h, presenting once more WW(We Women), a piece where the choreographer Sol Picó speaks about the situation of women in  today’s world, with the vision of female creators from different cultures.

An then, Sol Picó company will continue flying with One Hit Wonders, directly to the failure and to full happiness, making a stop at the Festival Baila España in Bremen (Germany), at Schwankhalle Bremen, at 20hrs on May 7th. The company will be too at the Maison des Métallos, in Paris, from 17th to 21th May, at 20hrs; from 17th to 19th and 2oth, at 19h; and the 21th, at 16h.