Sarruga Produccions will present at the Festival Santiago a Mil in Chile 2018, his new creation, Beringei. The show will see during the month of January, in these municipalities and dates: 3, in Puente Alto; 5, in Peñalolén; 6, in Pudahuel; 7, in Renca; 9, in Rancagua; 10, in Paine; 11, in Macul;  12, in Estación Central p/c comuna; 13, in Cerrillos; 14, in Las Condes; 18, in Talagante; 19, in Rinconada; 20, in Quilicura; and 21, in Casablanca.

On the other hand, the company will participate in several parades of ‘Reyes Magos’: in Badalona with the show Peixos; in Mataró, with Kremah; in Torrejón de Ardoz, with Arktika; and in Valencia, with Hannavas.