The 7th december, Sol Picó will be performing with We,Women inside the programm of ‘Temporada Alta’ at 21hrs in Teatre Municipal, Girona, where the role of women in global society occupies the central space of her reflection. So She has asked dancers from various different geographical origins to try to talk about the female identity around the world. Among them, Shantala Shivalingappa (Indian traditional dancer who has visited  ‘Temporada Alta’ on several occasions), as well as the expressive Japanese butoh dance of Minako Seki or Julie Dossavi’s African fusion dance. The result is a strong cocktail that navigates between modernity and tradition, between the complaint and the lyricism.

And she will keep touring with One Hit Wonders flying nonstop to failure, with the following shows: 18 & 19 december , inside of the program of ‘Festival de Artes Escénicas’ of Sevilla, in ‘Centro TNT’ at 21hrs.

In this show, Sol Picó makes an ironic and acidic review of her career of 20 years as a company.