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The Marcel Tomàs & Cascai company was founded by Marcel Tomàs and Susana Lloret in 1998.

We developed several shows of our own creation, choosing a language based on mood and gesture.

Our shows are not great speeches, but histrionic, obsessive and grotesque characters. Modern clowns who have lost their red nose and colorful clothes, that have been humanized and are part of our society. They are an elite of imperfect beings who constantly strive to be better people, but that were born to be losers. Anti-heroes by nature, they survive the day to day.

We have been turned around the world and participated in different festivals such as: Festival Temporada Alta in Girona, El Grec in Barcelona, Avignon in France, Estivales in Perpignan (France), Humore Bèlgica, Tiatri del Mondo Ancona (Itàlia), Festival Castelnuovo del Garda (Itàlia), Festival Almada in Lisboa, Festival Altitudes Monte Muro (Portugal), Festival Cultural Havana (Cuba), Festival Juventud (Túnez), Festival Invierno Santurce, Festival Humor Araia, Muestra de Teatro in Pasaia, Fira Tàrrega, Fira del Circ in la Bisbal, Festival autores contemporáneos Alicante, Festival Cos in Reus, Fiestas del Pilar Saragossa, Fiestas de la Mercè Barcelona, Feten Gijón, Cómicos la Rioja, etc.

The company and Marcel Tomàs has received different awards such as: The Best Show and Best actor in BBVA AWARS 2013, Le Prix Coup de Foudre in Les Estivales de Perpignan, Best Show in la Mostra de Santa Eugenia Mallorda.

We like doing what we believe and believe in what we do.


  • DUKE ELLINGTON’S COLOURS (2021), large format show that fuses theater and jazz music.
  • SUCH A SHAKESPEARE (2020), an humour show inspired in Shakespeare world.
  • NOVECENTO, THE LEGEND OF 1900 (2019), an extraordinary history about a mysterious pianist into a concert of popular music and dance from the early 20th century.
  • SEAFARERS (2018), an humour show, ecologism and sea tales.
  • THE COMEDIAN (2017), a celebration of the best of the cabaret tradition.
  • LA BANDA DEL TEFLÓN (2015), an explosive trio, contemporary clown, music and lots of humour.
  • EL PILLO (2014), a guide in modern times.
  • HOTOT (2012), a theatrical road movie with good humour.
  • ZIROCCO (2012), a wind that causes unexpected reactions. Multidisciplinary and modern clown.
  • PERE I EL CAPITÀ of Mario Benedetti (2010), a dramatic performance.
  • MADE IN XINA (2008), where not everything that comes from China is bad. Contemporary humour.
  • LIVING COSTA BRAVA (2006), with neighbourhood coexistence stories.
  • LE PARADÍS (2004), a show of larval masks that come to life.
  • CASCAI (2002), gestural humour with cartoons universe.
  • L’HOME INCOMPLET (2000), contemporary clown.
  • NOVECIENTOS, EL PIANISTA DEL OCÉANO of Alessandro Baricco (1999), dramatic text.