Person of contact: Edu Méndez

C/ Companys 5, 1-1 – La Selva del Camp – 43470 (Tarragona)

Phone: +34 626729337

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Clownic is a physical comedy company established internationally. In 2011, they created their own production company, Gagman Produccions, to manage their productions independently and developing several shows of their own creation.

The origin of the company dates back to 1998, when it was established as a company founded by  Tricicle to bring its shows where they could not go. Taking the Tricicle’s iconic style as a starting point, Clownic has forged its own identity by incorporating other influences and harnessing the unique skills of its members.

Clownic’s distinctive style is characterized by his unmatched energy, a constant succession of gags and a deep connection with everyday life, allowing viewers to fully identify with it. Through this connectivity, Clownic’s shows often hide an insightful social critique.


– Ticket (2011)

– Jobs (2015)

– Turist, or not turist (2018)

– Hotel Flamingo (2021)