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The theatre company EGOS was born on 2005 by a complete generation of Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, belonging to the speciality of musical theatre. The fact of getting on very well with one another and the common artistic affinities within the members of the group was the driver that,already on the second year of degree, made them arise the idea of creating a company to output their theatrical willings.

We create musical theatre shows for adult audiences with our own stamp mark where, one one hand, the music and script cooperate on equal terms for the sake of the dramaturgy and the characters’ creation and on the other hand the plastic proposal is playing an outstanding role.

On 2008 the company members decided to widen the vision to the world of the family theatre,creating a new company named EGOS petits. This company shares the same artistic team as EGOS teatre and its goal is to create shows for young audiences and families.

In Egos theatre we are:

Anna Alborch, Lali Camps, Rubèn Montañá, Albert Mora, Francesc Mora, Toni Sans i Maria Santallusia



The bell on the tower(2014)

Co-production alongside with Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

Guineueta Award 2015.

Lord Arthur Savile´s crime. A palmist musical (2011)

Co-production alongside with Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

Broadway World Spain Award 2012 for Best original musical.

The house under the desert. An overthrowed musical(2010)

Co-production alongside with el Teatre Nacional de Catalunya a d in collaboration with Vània Produccions.

Ruddigore or the cursed lineage. A supernatural musical (2007).

Crítica de Barcelona Award 2007-8

San Miguel de Fira Tàrrega Award 2008.

Gran Via de Teatro Musical Award 2008. Best make up and hairdressing.

Guineueta Award 2008.

We are not supposed to be here to be punished.

Audience Votation Award as Best Show at the 11th edition of Mostra de Teatre de Barcelona.


Fearless John. A musical with puppets to take away the hiccups…¡hip! (2009)

Co-production alongside with Centre de Titelles de Lleida.

Institut del Teatres Staging Projects Award 2008

Caixa Catalunya Award at Mostra 2009 – Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil dIgualada.

Drac d’Or Ara Titelles, Ara Lleida i Drac d ́Or de les Autonomies Awards at the 20th edition of Fira de Teatre de Titelles de Lleida.

Best Show Award Premi the 26th edition of Mostra Internacional de Titelles de la Valld ́Albaida.

Waiting for Will. A shakespearean musical (2021).

FETEN 2022 Award for Best Musical Show.

Artistic direction of part of the Kings Cavalcade in Barcelona (2011, 2013, 2014 i 2021).