La petita malumaluga continues, during the month of November, the tour of her show, The moon in a pot (a missunderstood show). The performances will take place in various locations in Andalusia, Castilla y León, and Madrid: on the 15th, with two shows, at the Ciudad de Marbella Theater; on the 20th, at the Cultural Center of La Villa de La Rinconada; on the 22nd, at the Juan Bernabé Municipal Theater in Lebrija; on the 28th, at the Federico García Lorca Theater – Pérez de La Riva de Las Rozas Cultural Center, and on the 29th, at the Jesús Meneses Theater in Villamuriel de Cerrato.

At the moment, the performances that La petita malumaluga was to do on November 8, within theTemporada Alta Festival, have been postponed.

For more information, you can consult the company’s website.