Dagoll Dagom that now is half century old, looks back at the past in a massive concert that will review the most significant moments in his history. After fifty years of experience during which it has released 34 shows (23 of them musical) and 5 television series, and has accumulated more than 4,700,000 viewers, the company says goodbye to the stage, in a concert performed by the Original SoundTrack Orchestra, made up of 41 musicians and a choir of 20 performers, and with a group of 26 artists who have passed through Dagoll Dagom over the years. The actor, singer and director, Daniel Anglès, will direct the evening, during which music will be played and the best-known songs in its history will be performed. During this event, which will also feature the musical direction of Joan Vives and the choreography of Ariadna Peya, a look ahead will be made, with the presentation of the future performers of the new Mar i Cel production that will premiere this September 2024. Hosting the event will be the company’s management team, formed since 1977 by Joan Lluís Bozzo, Anna Rosa Cisquella and Miquel Periel. This concert will take place within the Festival Grec in Barcelona, on July 11, 12 and 13. To purchase tickets, consult this link.