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LA FURA DELS BAUS. 1979-2016

Over 2.500 performances in 4 continents have been already followed by an audience of over 3 million people. La Fura dels Baus is considered as a cult group for thousands of followers.

Theater company founded in Catalonia in 1979, four years after the death of dictator Franco. In it’s beginnings it is characterized by a visceral language merging street theater with the vitality of rock and the irreverence of the “neo circus”. It’s entry into the national and international theater scene was a burst of scenic energy based on artisanal crafts that from the beginning knew how to combine the role of the physical, the ritual and the atavistic with cutting-edge technologies, both scenic and intellectually challenging.

At that first stage they rejected the lineal narratives in favor of a fragmented and sensory drama that surrounded the public and they called the “furan language”, especially since it’s first trilogy (Accions (1983), Suz/o/ Suz (1985), Tier Mon (1988)). Those productions consolidated it’s own language through a playful and provocative imagery pace. The radical image of a young man in formal attire destroying a car in Accions (1983) became a generational icon, both for its bold deconstructive interpretation of the idea of theater as for catalyzing the desire for change of the new democracy in Spain.

Today, the progressive incorporation of technologies and it’s boldness to a dramaturgical level in their theatrical and operatic proposals have relaunched the initial trajectory of La Fura dels Baus through a brand internationally recognized and highly permeable to different theatrical genres and performative formats. We highlight the Olympic ceremonies (Mediterrani, Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing 2014), film (Faust 5: 0 (2001)), albums (KRAB (1995), Ombra (1999), XXX (2002)), workshops or proposed ranges (Game Over (2013)). The structural flexibility of the company, its challenge compared to the established theatrical standards, its intellectual curiosity and open disposition regarding the popular and media culture have emerged as vital sources of its extraordinary longevity and productivity.

Of its nine founders, today remain six (Miki Espuma, Pep Gatell, Jürgen Müller, Àlex Ollé, Carlus Padrissa, Pera Tantinyà) that, in a parallel way, develop numerous individual projects, by collaborating internally or with scenic collaborations or other artistic disciplines. Deeply rooted in teamwork, the creators of La Fura dels Baus provide a wide margin of creative maneuver to it’s collaborators through cooperation and contrast. Surely, this associative skill has been one of the keys to success of the company.

Its proposals for the XXI century are defined by a symbiotic coexistence between carnality, virtuality and a fabulous lush imagery and a contemporary reinterpretation of the great stories. A combination that has especially excelled in its unique operatic dramas, a genre that has become a benchmark at an international level: both in terms of repertoire titles (La Damnation de Faust (1999), Wagner’s tetralogy (2007-9 ), Le Grand Macabre (2009), Madama Butterfly (2014)) as contemporary operas (Sonntag aus Licht (2011), Quartet (2011, 2013), Terra Nova (2016)). Also with respect to theatrical performances (The Trojan Women (2001), Metamorfosi (2005)), as well as productions of large format (L’Home del Mil·lenni (2000), The Divine Comedy (2002), Cutty Sark Shanghai-London (2007)) or Naumon (2004) a show traveling aboard of a ship. All proposals allowing them to be present on the five continents.

La Fura dels Baus artistic directors are:

Miki Espuma, Pep Gatell, Jürgen Müller, Àlex Ollé, Carles Padrissa i Pera Tantiñá.


Described in the company’s biography.