On 24th of Mai, the Dagoll Dagom company, concurring with the Scaramouche presentation for teachers and educators, show as the characters of their new musical.

Toni Viñals, Ana San Martín, Ivan Labanda i Mireia Mambo leading a history of adventures, love and revolution, with music by Albert Guinovart and libretto by Joan Lluís Bozzo. The cast also includes Jordi Coromina, Clara Moraleda, Albert Mora, Frank Capdet, Josep Maria Hernández, Anna Alborch, Pep Ferrer, Eduard Mauri, Jan Forrellat, Lucía Torres, Cristina Murillo, Mireia Dolç y Neus Pàmies.

18 actors, a full live orchestra and a spectacular scenography are the essential elements for a show who also counts with fencing, who could remind as the swashbuckling films.

The show is set in the French Revolution and has Scaramouche as the main character.  He is a masked hero who becomes the ombudsman writing revolutionary papers against aristocracy.