Tricicle is scheduled the premiere of Hits next September at Theatre Circo de Albacete (Spain).

Hits, the name says it all, features the best of the best of Tricicle, or just about, as they’ve had to discard the odd sketch which some people will obviously miss. It will be their longest show ever, with 145 minutes full of gags, many of which will be conspicuous by their presence and others by their absence.

Hits, an acronym for ‘Humor Inteligente Trepidante y Sorprendente’ (Intelligent, Fast-moving and Surprising humour), is made up of 12 slightly shortened sketches and a wide-ranging end-of-show summary featuring short gags which may induce respiratory failure in many a spectator. Nearly all the sketches appear in their original form, as when premiered, as the passing of time, with the exception of some technological aspects which they have either avoided or varied, has not dated them in the least.