CIATRE has just started the ‘Scenic Territory’ project to encourage and create new audiences, and increase the presence and visibility of companies that belong to the entity in the media. This initiative will boost the consumption of Catalan creators and contemporary authors, contribute to a better dissemination of their shows and a greater rapprochement with the public, and the differential fact of companies with a long professional career as creators and authors of their shows will be valued. In fact, the entity has created and is preparing, since October, several audiovisual capsules with the collaboration of partners. The first were broadcast, for the first time, on November 16, on Channel 33. CIATRE is also closing the transmission of these videos with different Catalan media.

You can see a sample of the first three clips, made in the framework of the project, in these links:

Video Cascai Teatre

Video Lazzigags Co.

Video T de Teatre