In March, the Marcel Gros Company will travel to several cities to make three of its repertoire shows. Encuentracuentos will be peformed on these dates, times and spaces: on the 7th, at 12 noon, at the Palacio de la Audiencia of Soria, and at 7.30 pm, at the Teatro Bretón in Logroño; 8, at 6 pm, at the Teatro Latorre of Toro (Zamora); and 29, at 6 pm, in the Teatro Principal de Vitoria. On the other hand, the company will offer the Universari show on the 21st, at 6 pm, in L’Atlàntida of Vic (Barcelona); and 22, Planeta M.Arte, at 5:00 p.m., at the Centre Cultural of Cardedeu (Barcelona).

Tickets for shows can be purchased at these links:






In the case of the Teatro Latorre of Toro, the sale is made at the box office.