From April 27 to May 8, La Baldufa will be at the TNC in Barcelona with Bye Bye Confetti show. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays it will make school performances, and on Saturday and Sunday it will carry out family performances.

On the other hand, from May 26 to 29, the first edition of the Enre9 Festival will be held in Lleida, a performing arts event organized by the Culture Commission of the 09 zone of Lleida (La Mariola, Turó de Gardeny and Blocs Joan Carles) and La Baldufa who, in addition, also does the coordination. It is a project for social transformation through artistic creation with four days of programming in the street, where professional performing arts will be combined with other artistic expressions arising from the groups themselves and from the neighborhood. The idea is to revitalize the area, highlight the diversity and interculturality of its people and bring culture closer to everyone.