During these hard days of confinement, we suggest you see some shows and company workshops of our entity.

The latest production by Cascai Teatre, Noucents, el pianista de l’oceà, premiered in October at the Salt Theater, will be shown on April 19, around 11 pm, on Channel 33 of TV Catalan public.

Tricicle hangs, once a week, his works on his YouTube channel. These shows can be viewed for 12 hours. Regular users of this platform will have access to the Terrífic show, on April 22, from 8:15 p.m.

The clown Pepa Plana offers you to watch the documentary made by Produccions Saurines that combines the creation of the production, Paradís Pintat, with the investigation of her own personal paradise. This portrait of the artist has the participation of different groups and creators of the Ebro Delta, where the Pepa Plana Company has its headquarters. You can view it through this link of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation.

If you want to see some plays of the Sol Picó Co. through his Instagram profile. Specifically you will find these shows: Cita a Cegues, Dancing with Frogs, One-Hit Wonders, We Women, El llac de les mosques and Animal de Séquia.

On the other hand, the choreographer and dancer Sol Picó is doing some small training capsules for older people that you can find on the company’s Instagram account and on the La Piconera website. In addition, these clips could also be seen, at the beginning of April, on TV3’s (TV Catalan public) Tot es mou program.

Finally, on the Mercat de les Flors website you can see a monograph on the company and specifically on the piece, El llac de les mosques.